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Raden Pabelan Javanese Playboy - Hidden Story of Java Island

Raden Pabelan Ilustration
History does not record the complete history of Raden Pabelan. Just remember the history that supposedly handsome Story of Javanese Playboy is the son of Mayang, a Tumenggung or a noble in the sultanate Pajang; Tumenggung Mayang is the law of Sutawijaya Sultan of Pajang, the area in the rulers of Mataram. That said, the handsomeness of Raden Pabelan was virtually unmatched by youths and princes of his time. With tall posture, Pabelan become a magnet for women Pajang. Unfortunately, Pabelan very aware of these advantages. With his good looks and his noble blood, has a penchant Pabelan alluring women, both girls and virgins and the married woman. Not just an ordinary woman, but also the women of the palace. And one of them is Princes of Pajang, Java Island the daughter of Sultan Hadiwijaya palace.

To his father Tumenggung Mayang, Pabelan was never vowed to end the loving adventure. Before being able to conquer the hearts of Prince. Hearing this oath, To his father Tumenggung Mayang was furious. He even had time to expel Pabelan and does not recognize as a child. "Learn to see yourself, Pabelan. We are who, if compared with the Sultan?". To his father Tumenggung said Mayang advised his son. "It's a matter of feeling, of Father, not rank or degree. Not may I marry Sekar Kedaton, that the princess herself want?" she snapped.

Pabelan not wrong. From several meetings Prince of Pajang was like welcoming shakes Pabelan romance. Once furtively, Pabelan never even winked at the princess, to the great women of the palace that blushes. To his father Tumenggung know that. But Prince of Pajang love what it does not mean scraping destruction even disasater? This is apparently the beginning of the big disaster.

Once successfully entered keputren / Princes room area, Pabelan not come out again. Pabelan came into the private room the princess for days. This was disaster for Pabelan came when the royal guards found him after a week even downed prince princess romance together.
Sultan Hadiwijaya were furious to hear this news. Pabelan dragged to the palace ward. Mayang To his father Tumenggung Mayang not behind. Therefore, the father suspected of helping smuggle Pabelan to keputren. Currently facing, To his father Tumenggung Mayang Mayang resigned to accept punishment for his actions. Sultan Pajang commanded that Raden Pabelan sentenced to death by stoning various forms of weapons made of iron. Furthermore, his body dumped in the River Laweyan, (river Braja). Disposal of this Pabelan corpse later that became the beginning of the city of Solo, Java of Indonesia. 

After swept away to the river, Pabelan the bodies concerned in the trees, then found Kyai Sala. The corpse was then pushed to the middle of the river, in order to float downstream. It is true, the body was carried away by the flow of river water Braja. However, the following morning, Kyai Gede Sala surprised because back found the body Pabelan remains in its original place. Once again corpses washed away into the river. But again, next morning, before events happen again. The corpse was returned to its original place.
Kyai Gede Sala finally prayed to God for the incident. After three days and nights meditating, Kyai Gede Sala gets inspiration or instructions. While imprisoned, as if he was dreaming met a dashing young man. The young man said that he was mennjadi the corpse in order to bury his remains in situ. Unfortunately, before he could ask the origin and name, the boy disappeared. Finally Kyai Gede Sala obey the young man, and his body was buried in the nearby village of Sala. Because the name is not known, then the body was called Kyai Bathang (corpse). While the cemetery area called Bathangan. The tomb was now located in the area Beteng Plaza (around Gladag, Solo, Java Island). 

The punishment of To his father Tumenggung Mayang and her daughter, Raden Pabelan, further adds to the disappointment Sutawijaya as Panembahan Senopati in Mataram as central Imperium mof Java. After a year had passed, never again Sutawijaya still facing. This Sutawijaya defiance infuriated Sultan Pajang. Sultan even go alone led forces invaded Pajang Mataram as central Imperium mof Java. War occurs. However irregulars Pajang be repulsed although more numerous. Hadiwijaya withdraw. On the way home, Hadiwijaya fell from the back of an elephant, and died.

love a woman, could be considered a mistake? Did not he never forced the princess to love? Is not the princess also welcomed with joy and happiness floss romance that it vibrate? Why should be punished, hauled, dragged - drag as the robber.


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