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Nadeshiko Japan, runner-up lost to the United States

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(Nadeshiko Japan 2-5 American in Canada Women's W Cup final)

Canada Women's World Cup finals held on the 5th of local time, Nadeshiko Japan played against the United States representative.
Nadeshiko Japan, which faces it since the beginning of the final tournament in the same starting line-up also 11 people immobility has been chosen name this day.
But entered the pitch with a strong feeling to the tournament straight victory, the United States of momentum crush the projecting part of Nadeshiko Japan. 3 minutes, determined the first CK to Lloyd, it was supposed to bear the tournament for the first time behind. And 5 minutes, now it would be determined to once again Lloyd from FK. Both points was from a low ball. America was also ask the things that are devised to take away a goal from Nadeshiko Japan.
Then also allow additional points, was forced four runs and a rainy day deployed in 15 minutes start. But, Nadeshiko Japan does not give up. America time is born to have the ball in that dropped the pace. Then 27 minutes, took a goal in Taigi seen left foot has received the return of Kawasumi, it returned one point.
Nadeshiko Japan 33 minutes that you want further Tatamikake from here, put Sawa Homare instead of the Iwashimizu. Sakaguchi is transferred to the CB, Sawa went to the position of the Volante. The 39 minutes is sent out to pitch the Sugasawa Yui incense instead of the Kawasumi. Ohno right side half, Sugasawa has entered the forefront.
1-4 Halftime score. Although optimistic never unfamiliar point difference in, not throw away the last of the last to match the Nadeshiko Japan. It began in the United States pace the second half, to block it stretched the body.
Then 52 minutes, to invite own goal of Johnston, which competed with the Sawa is dive into FK, Nadeshiko Japan has cited the second point. But 54 minutes immediately after, will contain five points first to the United States. Finally from CK Heath is pushing 2-5.
Nadeshiko Japan 59 minutes, turn off the last of the replacement card. And exits to the input to match the Mana Iwabuchi in place of Ohno. And it changes the lineup to 3 back to the 70 minutes past. Sakaguchi in the center, Kumagai to the right, we have arranged Utsugi to the left. 75 minutes, which also fit in Sugasawa is head to the cross of Miyama front of GK.
America is 79 minutes, it takes to decide to put a one-back game. To the end I was terminated even turned to game Ranpon. Nadeshiko Japan is also fought until the last end of the game. W Cup consecutive title was supposed to finish the tournament runner-not.
[Scorers]3 minutes Lloyd (America)5 minutes Lloyd (America)14 minutes Holiday (USA)15 minutes Lloyd (America)27 minutes Yūki Ōgimi (Nadeshiko Japan)52 minutes own goal (Nadeshiko Japan)54 minutes Heath (USA)


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