Saturday, 9 May 2015

Jangka Jayabaya - Forecast that Has Been Proven Today

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King Jayabaya
One of the divine from the fortune-teller that has proven today is Janka Jayabaya or Jayabaya forecast. It was created in 1157 AD – mean, it has been 858 years ago when there is no any single today description at that time.

1.    Besuk yen wis ana kreta tanpa jaran - Later, if the existing carriage without horses.
2.    Prahu mlaku ing dhuwur awang-awang - The boat runs on the sky.

Number one is explain about next day there would be carriage operated without horse and no.2 gives an explanation that next day at that time there would be an vehicle that could be fly on the sky. It is a simple explanation today, but those poet line taken from Jayabaya or Jayabaya forecast are made 858 years ago. Something impossible at that time and today almost the forecast of Jangka Jayabaya is existed.

Javanese tradition believed  that Jangka Jayabaya is written by Jayabaya, king of the Kingdom of Kediri who ruled in 1135-1157 AD. This prediction is known in particular among the Java community that The main origin of Jayabaya forecasts can be seen in Musasar  book composed by Sunan Giri Prapen. Book Musarar made in the days of King Jayabaya kediri as Batara incarnation of Vishnu which describes valiant, feared enemy of all who dared to defeat any enemy.


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