Monday, 11 May 2015

General philosophy of mother's Day Based of Wong Jowo

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General philosophy of mother's Day is a celebration of honoring mothers, maternal bonds and mothers influence in society. For Javanese or Wong Jowo in Indonesia or around the world, philosophy of mother is placed on the basic of women itself. As the name of women in Javanese Language; there are wadon, wanita, estri, putri.


The name of women in Javanese Language (taken from daily Javanese Language or kromo madyo language), derived from "Wadu" Kawi language/ old Javanese Language, which means attendance. It puts side by side with a man or husband.

Wanito taken from kromo inggil Javanese Language or polite language; derive from word of the word of woman made up of two words Java language, wani which means dare and Tata, which means regularity which contains two different senses. First, wani laid out which means dare (want) be regulated and the second, wani nata meaning dare set. Second sense also indicates that women need higher education to be able to play this role well.

Derived from "eksteren" Kawi language, which means "pangjurung" (husband’ suppoter). Such as the famous proverb, is always a great woman next to a great man.

In a traditional Javanese civilization, this word is often exposed as an acronym of the words that determined in three cases or tri perkawis, which refers to the after-work women in her position lady as usual. Women are required to realize the three obligations three women obligations (tri perkawis). Good position as wadon, women, and estri.


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