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Pesugihan, Supernatural Power - Rich and Wealthy With No Work Hard

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Competition severe life makes people strive to find success in many ways. All of it is common sense that occur in human life. So people will use many ways to succeed despite it good or bad that is for sure success is the main goal. In Javanese and other tribe in Indonesia, there is a kind of cultural quick way to become wealthy and prosperous without having to work hard. The way it is nyupang or pesugihan, this is one wrong way of human life because it requires human life own’s life as the sacrifice to be killed.

In the Javanese society culture, Pesugihan has a long history, even since the time of the kingdom of Mataram (Kartasura) until today, Pesugihan still be one of the social phenomena. According to the spiritual concept Kejawen the belief of Wong Jowo Sciences, lelaku or penance Pesugihan classified pangiwa path (kiwa = left means wrong way of life) as the science of black magic and grace or pelet.

The term of Pesugihan 'wealthy' which means rich; it has meaning as an attempt to find abundant material wealth. These efforts often associated with supernatural powers who often require sacrifice, rewards, and victimizing both others and members of his own family member.

Many people mistakenly thinking about changing his destiny to become rich without work hard and use Pesugihan. It is considered a way out of frustration, tension and despair due to the difficulty of changing the destiny and get rich in the normal way of life increasingly hard competition.

Pesugihan level can be divided into three, namely Pesugihan Uang Kontan means Cash Money Pesugihan, Pesugihan Nyupang, and Pesugihan Perewangan. Based on the high level of risk that must be faced by the offender. The division is based on the line type of hereditary information for dozens of generations. Basically, each region has its own rules.

Pesugihan Uang Kontan/ Cash Money Pesugihan
This is the kind of Pesugihan where the offender directly deals with the devil and bargain sum of money or property will be given. Usually it reaches hundreds of millions or even billions of money. Contact with the Satan is done by using the services of intermediaries a magical skill man.

In Pesugihan Uang Kontan, soul Pesugihan perpetrators to be detained in the spirit world and demonic spirit entered the body with it. This body then returns to deliver the appropriate amount of money agreed. Once the money is received at home, demons will return back to the spirit world. As a result, we can imagine life pesugihan the perpetrator will often go out into the body to get to the spirit world; it means a body with no soul.

Pesugihan Nyupang
This is the kind of Pesugihan that requires perpetrators to give the life loved ones, usually a child or wife, even loved the more money that can be obtained. Their lives are used as the sacrifice will soon died.

The risk to be borne by perpetrators Pesugihan Nyupang is quite large. Apart from having sacrifice a family member, penance or condition is quite complicated. The perpetrators need to provide room scented incense and fresh chicken blood on certain dates.

Pesugihan Perewangan
Pesugihan Perewangan (prewangan evil spirit/ Satan) reached by taking a kind of spirit of the supernatural which then helps the offender to be rich. Therefore, every year Perewangan must be victimizing. Wife, children, servants or other persons who participated were fed with blood money Perewangan. Once the offender has died, he became a slave Perewangan that gave treasure.

In Indonesia, many tombs, caves even sacred mountain into a hunting society Pesugihan or ngalap berkah means search blessing. The term is usually used ngalap berkah/ search blessing to soften the terms Pesugihan that by the common people felt very leads to loose way of life. Pesugihan practice can be done through supernatural rituals such as meditation, reciting mantras, presenting sesajen/ offerings or other rituals.

Pesugihan practice, there is co-operation and aid of other-worldly beings, for example jinn or Satan. Instead, there are benefits to be paid as compensation for what was given. Sesajen/ offerings, mantras, and special rituals must be done for the sake of a partnership that can damage faith in God.

Based on historical background, long before religion in Javanese society, culture Javanese society has been attached to the understanding of animism and dynamism, even in the spreading Islam are made by the saints, the mystical culture and embraced precisely aligned slowly, so as not to seem contradictory with the Islamic aqeedah. Through this way the Islamic religion can be accepted quickly without rejection.

Not everyone can interpret correctly the existence of a mystical world. Cases emergence Pesugihan heretical sect is a real form of deviation trust. These deviations occur due to the influence of supernatural meaning less precise.

Location and Tumbal Sacrifice Pesugihan
Although not all the pilgrims wanted to do rituals Pesugihan, but there are many of them who made sacred places as the location of a ritual to get rich and abundant material. Through an intermediary (can be shamans, psychics or caretaker), the pilgrims perform rituals that have been set with no compromise. Even in these rituals, they are required to commit adultery with a man who is not their husband or wife. Even to sacrifice the lives of others, or one of their own family members.

A number of sacred places commonly visited by pilgrims or ritual perpetrators pesugihan include Manik Building Cave, Cave of Landak, Cave of Lalay, Gunung Kawi, Tomb of Haji Undaunted Grandmother Earth, South Sea, Yellow Spring, Fatima bint Maimun , Spring Ontrokewulan (Mount Kemukus) in Java and other locations.

Magical Pesugihan
Pesugihan usually done when people feel the need for a modern luxuries lifestyle, then the material wealth become a major goal in life in the world. Wealth of material that can not be achieved by hard working and then look through the shortcut, which is allied with supernatural beings.

There are different kinds of supernatural beings that common human cooperative in realizing the dream of getting a lot of wealth. Supernatural beings include: Bajang Kembar, Nyi Blorong,Thuyul, Celeng Kresek (Babi Ngepet, and many kind of pesugihan.

Pesugihan Bajang Kembar
Pesugihan Bajang Twins are Pesugihan without victimizing that the ritual for 40 days at Gunung Kawi. Twins Bajang itself is a term used to refer to a pair of twin boys supernatural wealth carrier. Pesugihan called Bajang Twins because most of the followers of Science Pesugihan received signal in the form of dreams, where the followers of accosted by a pair of boy who brought flawless handsome gold coins by the thousands.

Pesugihan Nyi Blorong
Nyi Blorong believed to bring wealth to those who are interested in him for fellowship. Each arrival Nyi Blorong, he will leave the gold pieces in which he met people who have a relationship with him as a reward. Gold is said is actually a body scales.

Pesugihan with Nyi Blorong human spirits believed to require victimizing of his followers. The moment of death, his spirits would be part of the inhabitants of the South Sea supernatural palace forever. Moreover, within a specified period, Nyi Blorong also cost some lives to increase the number of soldiers and improve beauty.

Pesugihan Tuyul
Tuyul is a supernatural beings built like a small child who is often utilized by humans to pesugihan instructed how to steal other people's money. People who maintain tuyul means must maintain like he maintains his own children, for example, provide a room and a bed, toys, food / candy, feed him and play.

Tuyul including harmful to the owner, although work and earn a lot of money, but irritable and tend to evil. If the demands are not met they will attack the owner, perhaps even kill him. When asked feedings, tuyul it requires to breastfed by the wife of the man who is the owner of the tuyul. Lust drink milk and suction power is very strong tuyul not like children in general. Tuyul will drain out water and blood milk breastfeeding women will go with that too, especially if the milk is not there because of not breastfeeding. People who are breastfeeding tuyul will pain, thin and limp.

Pesugihan Babi Ngepet
Pesugihan Babi Ngepet (babi means pig), is one of the most popular forms pesugihan discussed by people in Indonesia. This Pesugihan make the owner transformed into pigs and star work by stealing money without touching the money even without entering the house of  target. Pesugihan this should be done by two people, usually married, because in the process pesugihan Ngepet pigs require fire guard life (candle), usually the wife who kept the flame is a symbol of making money. If the fire safety conditions will calm but when the conditions are dangerous, the fire will be moving like the wind, if this is the case the fire should be extinguished so that the perpetrator could have survived.

Some Rituals to Look for Pesugihan
Among the various rituals are commonly carried out by pesugihan seekers in realizing his dream to get wealth, among others, are submit offerings by burning incense and offered flowers offerings as well as other kinds of equipment. Like chicken ingkung, cone and savory rice, various porridge, snacks from traditional market, the other requirements are

Having sex with another man's wife or husband (affair)

Worships supernatural being, or breastfeeding (for women) and sex (for of men) with the supernatural beings.

Worships supernatural being, or breastfeeding (for women) and sex (for of men) with the supernatural beings

Wash one specific body part or soaking (kungkum) in spring or at the confluence of two rivers
Fasting while awake (not sleep) during a specified time

Recite prayers, mantra and specific readings or other

Looking Pesugihan victimizing
Getting pesugihan in a very large amount of wealth, the ritual is not enough. Victimizing the form of human blood should also be submitted. Because negative supernatural being power request an aid like of human blood. Victimizing as a victim will have blood drawn to death by negative supernatural being power.

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PSG vs Barcelona Score Prediction and Betting Tips Champions League

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Paris Saint Germain PSG vs Barcelona Prediction and Tip. Great match at the Parc des Princes on Wednesday in quarter-final of Champions League. Paris Saint Germain PSG play against Barcelona every one will interest and excite the football match. Both teams play very well in this season and we will see one very attractive game with lots of chances on both sides. Can PSG make great result on this very hard match without Zlatan Ibrahimovic? For sure they will try and we will see very interesting match. If Barcelona are able to play to their full potential, then it is hard to see how PSG will stop them on this match in front of their fans.

Probable Lineups
4-3-3 Paris Saint Germain
4-3-3 Barcelona 

Missing Players

Paris Saint Germain PSG
Player Reason Status Rating
Thiago Motta Out 7.47
Serge Aurier Out N/A
Marco Verratti Out 7.34
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Out 7.07
David Luiz Doubtful 7.22

Player Reason Status Rating
Thomas Vermaelen Out N/A
Dani Alves Out 7.37

 Top Players
Paris Saint Germain
L. Moura 7.77
T. Motta 7.47
B. Matuidi 7.44
L. Messi 9.23
Neymar 7.49
A. Iniesta 7.47

E. Cavani 6
Z. Ibrahimovic 2
D. Luiz 2
L. Messi 8
L. Suárez 4
Neymar 3

T. Motta 2
E. Lavezzi 2
B. Matuidi 2
A. Iniesta 3
L. Messi 3
D. Alves 2

News of  Paris Saint Germain PSG
Laurent Blanc is without key suspended trio Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Serge Aurier and Marco Verratti, which should see Gregory Van der Wiel, Edinson Cavani and Yohan Cabaye start at their expense.
Thiago Motta is sidelined, which furthers hinders PSG's chances of securing a positive result in this one, though David Luiz has been included in the squad, but the Brazilian is a major doubt.
Blanc is likely to start with Javier Pastore and Ezequiel Lavezzi in a front three with Edinson Cavani after Lucas Moura admitted he is not capable of playing more than 45 minutes at present following his return from injury.

News of  Barcelona
Dani Alves is suspended, so Adriano is likely to start at right-back.

Thomas Vermaelen is Luis Enrique's only injury absentee for the trip to Paris.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen will be expected to come in for Claudio Bravo in goal, as is usually the case in the Champions League.


Match Facts

Barcelona have been winning at both half time and full time in their last 6 matches in the Champions League (including qualifiers).
Barcelona win/win 2.80
Barcelona have won their last 6 matches in the Champions League (including qualifiers).
Barcelona win 1.80
PSG have seen over 2.5 goals in their last 3 home matches against Barcelona in all competitions.
Over 2.5 goals 1.90
PSG have scored at least 2 goals in their last 3 home matches against Barcelona in all competitions.
Over 1.5 goals 1.31
Barcelona have scored at least 2 goals in their last 3 away matches against PSG in all competitions.
Over 1.5 goals 1.31
Best odds for selected bets are shown

This will be the third time PSG and Barcelona have met in the competition this season, having been drawn together in the same group. PSG came away with a 3-2 win over their Spanish counterparts when the two teams met in Paris earlier this term, though are without a number of key players for the welcome of Barcelona this time around.

The La Liga table toppers saw their 9-game winning run come to an end at Sevilla on Saturday having thrown away a 2-goal lead at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán. While they succumbed to defeat in Paris last time out, however, Barcelona have what it takes to secure a positive result in France before the second leg next week.

PSG will require their fans to buoy them on, which will be a help, but they are unlikely to be able to hold a Barcelona side in notable goalscoring form.

Draw 3.97 2-2 
scoreline 18.00 
Over 2.5 goals1.90


Paris Saint Germain +1/2 vs Barcelona
Prediksi Skor 2-1
Over/Under: 2 1/2

Score Prediction
Paris Saint Germain 2 - 2 Barcelona

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