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Yogyakarta Hidden Heaven

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Yogyakarta Hidden Heaven,- Tourism areas in the Java island consists of a wide variety of tourist attractions and is a form of paradise for tourists from around the world that become hidden heaven of Wong Jowo’s beautiful place. So in this article will try to explore the tourist attractions that exist in Yogyakarta as one of place which accomplished by a lot of exotic tourism areas. The places that becomes hidden heaven in Yogyakarta are:

Sunrise Hunting at the Top of Suralaya
Sunrise on the Top of Suralaya Mountain
It does not need to go away to climb the mountain for enjoying the sunrise above the clouds. Suralaya top mountain at Menoreh Village Yogyakarta offers the charm of sunrise with the expansive of the clouds which create cool expedition of sunrise perspective. Placed in 1.019 meters of sea level, we can look at the four Java mountains Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing, and Sindoro and Borobudur Temple of Central Java that sometimes fog from a great distance. The Unique of Suralaya Mountain is not only on the mountain itself but the way to acquire the top of the mountain where the tourists should have to climb about 290 stairs to the top. According to legend of Wong Jowo states that Suralaya mountain was the place used to be the location where Raden Mas Rangsang as other than the Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma King of Java, the got the devine inspiration to do asceticism to get magical power become the ruler for land of Java a hundred years ago.

Enjoy An Exotic sunset Bounce Back of Sermo Reservoir Surface in Kalibiru, Yogyakarta
Still in Menoreh region, Kulon Progo in Yogyakarta there is a beautiful perfect place to enjoy faint and That is Sermo Reservoir Surface in Kalibiru which is the way to this jungle tour tracking; the tourists can enjoy natural green trees background along the way to Kalibiru, The  tariff to enter Kalibiru Reservoir is not more than one dollar only. In reservoir area there is an exotic place of  Sermo Reservoir Surface in Kalibiru Yogyakarta.  That is a small wooden platform located at the top of a pine tree. The wooden plat has to be climbed using bamboo ladder for sitting on the top and make some great picture as at the picture beside. Sermo Reservoir precisely displayed when the visitor sits on the wooden plat on the top of pine tree. The viewing will be more exotic when nightfall and golden light reflecting on the surface of the reservoir.
mellow twilight.
Cave Tubing in Kalisuci
Kalisuci Cave Tubing; Slide Freely Explore the Beauty Hearth of the Earth
Cave tubing is a fringe activity in the cave using bubble tires or body rafting the rivers  in the hearth of the earth. It is placed in  Kalisuci at Pacarejo village,  Semanu, Gunung Kidul region Yogyakarta Indonesia. Kalisuci or Holly water comes from the spring water-located on the stream-which is very clear and remains clear despite the muddy river water during the rainy season. The ticket is only Rp. 5000,-/ 0.5 dollars the tourist are able to enter the area but for charge of cave tubing packet Rp. 70.000,- / 7 dollars.

Natural Curug Indah Tegal Rejo
Peace of Mind in Curug Indah Tegal Rejo Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta
Curug Indah Tegalrejo is a waterfall; Curug means waterfall, Indah means beautiful and Tegal Rejo is name of the area. It is located in Tegalrejo, east end of Gunung Kidul region, within one hour drive by car from Yogyakarta. Curug Indah Tegal Rejo is a tiered waterfall which is sorrounded by cool green trees where this place is a natural, peace, quiet, and traditional. The people at Curug Indah Tegal Rejo relaively polite to the visitors from other country and some time the visitors are able joint to enjoy the waterfall with the villagers.

Goa Jomblang Caving to Find A Light of Heaven, as a Human Still
Heaven Light in Jomblang Cave
Jomblang Cave is located in Gunung Kidul karst which can be found a great vertical cave. To reach the bottom of the cave the visitor or traveller has to use standards safety equipment maintained and accompanied by a guide. The charge to enter Jomblang Goa travel is quite expensive, around Rp 450.000,-/ 37.5 dollars for 2 people but the visitor here can launch a single rope technique before explore Goa Jomblang Cave. The steep path is one way only for the visitors go through to get into the cave quite extreme. The best time to visit this cave is approximately at 10:00 to 12:00, because the position of the sun is absolutely at the top of the visitors that can be seen the 'light of heaven'. In the cave there is also an ancient forest that has a unique vegetation. The beauty of this cave is guaranteed to make the visitor amazed. Just in Goa Jomblang visitors can feel a bit of a sensation of heaven while still existed as a human.


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