Monday, 2 February 2015

The Belief of Wong Jowo

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The Belief of Wong Jowo,- Most Javanese is Muslim  as the religion, although some are in Cristian while some in some village or rural area they are Hindu and Buddha. There is still a small percentage of people Javanese animism. Basically for Wong Jowo has their own belief besides religion these are Kejawen and Abangan.

Kejawen philosophy the term refers to a system of Wong jowo Life that believed by well as religion and the extent of the values of life. As a specific religion for Wong Jowo or Javanese, Kejawen regarded as a local religion professed ancestral land of Java, long time before the arrival of new religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. This is a life philosophy for Wong Jowo are indirectly because used a lot of people of Javanese or as Wong Jowo is not Kejawen followers. For Javanese or Wong Jowo who think that Kejawen is more than religion, Kejawen ritual or worship  consists of two parts of the most common is the Tapa/ Topo meditate to gain magical powers and fasting Poso. Based on the trust which certain Kejawen adherents even be allowed to embrace one religion advisable. In addition, there is another philosophy of Wong Jowo  Abangan which partially adherent to Islam or the other, but in practice there are still strong with animism and Hindu-Buddhist influences.

Abangan is the designation for a group some of Muslim Javanese who practise Islam in a more syncretic version when compared with a group of Muslim orthodox. This term of Abangan is derived from the Javanese word abang mean red, but this time its meaning has shifted. Abangan tend to follow the local belief system called adat than pure Islamic law (sharia).
Javanese is also known to be the nature of syncretism where other culture and civilisation outside will be absorbed and interpreted by Kejawen philosophy. It is done by Wong Jowo because Kejawen Philosophy are able to control and protect Javanese identity.


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