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Why Banyuwangi Somewhat Similar to Bali

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Why Banyuwangi Somewhat Similar to Bali,- Banyuwangi is one of the part of Java Island which is located in the East of Java but the cultural that can be seen today; it has some different culture that started from language until the art. The culture even the language and the people somewhat similar to Bali. This condition today is something usual for all people but it can not be separated by the history of Banyuwangi or the Blambangan Kingdom as a sovereign Kingdom almost three Centuries before today.

Refer to the old history of Indonesia, Banyuwangi one of the regency in East Java becomes the older of the ancient Kindom. The story of was gotten from Banyuwangian explain that the Kingdom was existed on December 18, 1771. It was directly related of Blambangan as the main Kingdom at that time, but the history of Banyuwangi becomes not popular even for Indonesian. Place at the edge east of Java Island make the area popular as The Sunrise of Java, because the first light of the sun touch Java will be Banyuwangi.

As the multi cultural of Javanese tribe, it is started by the history of Blambangan which was located at the eastern tip of the Island of Java. It had a long history of its own, developing herewith Majapahit in 1293–1527 asthe Hindu kingdom in Java. At the end Majapahit in the late fifteenth century, Blambangan stood on its own independent Hindu kingdom left in Java Island.

For almost three centuries Blambangan had stood between two different political factions, first id the Islamic Kingdom of Mataram in the west, and various Hindu Kingdom in Bali such Gelgel, Buleleng, and Mengwi in the east. Both powers Islamic in the west and Hindu in the east simultaneously took-over the territory of Blambangan to appease their own political and religious ambitions.

The Balinese used Blambangan to resist against the Islamic expansion initiated by Muslim while Mataram from the west resisted Blambangan to support the economy while Bali was known heavily overshadowed by endemic warfare. The end of sixteenth century, a few Western missionaries arrived in East Java to try to infiltrate and one century later the Dutch and British fight to obtain this area each other’s political and economic power in the region. Internal disputes of Blambangan, at the court of Blambangan, making vulnerable to foreign intervention.

Attempt the conquest of Mataram to Blambangan  never success which this  why the region of Blambangan and Banyuwangi in general never entered the Central Java culture. So up to now, those regions have a different language variant that is not similar with the standard of Java language although it is in Java Island. The influence of Bali cultural also looks at the various art forms of dance originating from the region Blambangan as the result of Balinese cultural expansion hundred years ago.


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