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Visiting Dieng Plateau 100 km from Borobudur

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Dieng Viewing from Nether Side
Visiting Dieng Plateau 100 km from Borodur,- One hidden paradise Dieng Passive Volcano in Central Java also called the Dieng Plateau is a complex volcano. As a result of erupted around 40 years ago, complex volcano is a complete extensive of spatially, temporally, and genetically related major and minor volcanic centers with the associated lava flows and pyroclastic rocks. This is another amazing place to be visited in Central Java, situated around 2000 m above sea level and 100 km from Borobudur. This area northwest of Yogyakarta is in the volcanic mountains and over 2,000 meters elevation. 

The name "Dieng" means "place of the gods." The visitors can find old temples built around year 800, colorful lakes and steaming ones. On the way to Dieng will be seen how the farmer use all the land available
Feel Like above of The Cloud on Dieng
by using terraces. It's also fresher up here and we are almost above the clouds. The plateau, located 2,093 meters above sea level, offers two sunrises, the golden sunrise and the silver sunrise. Both are equally amazing natural phenomena. The golden sunrise refers to the first sunrise between 5:30 and 6 a.m. It is said to be golden because of its sparkling golden red color. We can enjoy this sunrise from a viewing post at a height of 1,700 meters above sea level in Wonosobo. The place, located in a mountainous area, is easily accessible because the roads leading to this area are all well paved. Feel different day at Mount Bromo; Way to Feel night in the Day Light

Beautiful scenery of lush greenery cabbage, potato the other vegetables plantation is what this area is about. It is a beautiful vegetable area than the rice terraces in Bali. Located high up on the mountain and about 2 hours north of Jogjakarta, the cool weather of the area provides a nice respite from the tropical heat of Java.
The road there is narrow winding curving road but the view is beautiful. Added by the ancient ruins that are scattered around the area, the volcanic craters and hot springs water, Dieng really make this area new favorite destination.


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