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Number of People in the World's Java- Wong Jowo Nang Dunio

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Javanese Migration in Colonize Period
Number of People in the World's Java - Wong Jowo Nang Dunio The Javanese are the largest ethnic group in Indonesia, the number reached 41% of the total population. Number of Java in Indonesia in the 2010 census, which recorded 40.22% amounting to 95.2 million people, nearly half the population of Indonesia. The Javanese mostly gathered in Java, but millions of people have transmigrated and spread to various islands in the archipelago and even migrate abroad like to Malaysia and Suriname, Singapore, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and New Caledonia.

Java language as the language of the tribe of Java is widely used by people in most of the island of Java. The spread of the use of the Java language includes Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta, West Java region includes the northern coast of Cirebon, Indramayu, Subang, Karawang, covering Cilegon Banten, Tangerang, Serang district and the town of Serang. There are
Surabaya 1940
still some places in Indosesai inhabited by people who use the Java Language Java is widely used in Indonesia and some other countries. The largest population outside Java in Indonesia is in Lampung.

Number of Javanese in Lampung has more than 61% of the total population of Lampung. Documenting Berasarkan Population by Sustainable Voter Registration (P4B) conducted by the Central Board / Statistics Lampung Province in April 2003, the population of the province of Lampung is sckitar 6.9 million inhabitants. Based on the 2000 Population Census, the population at the time 6.64689 million inhabitants, pcnduduknya composition according to the Javanese ethnic group is 61.88% (4,113,731 inhabitants). More from Lampung own tribe comprising (Pepadun, Abung Bunga Mayang, Peminggir) 11.92% (792 312 inhabitants). While in this world Javanese people scattered in many countries, as described below.

Wong Jowo Daily Activity in Yogyakara
Republic of Suriname
Republic of Suriname (Surinam) formerly known as Dutch Guiana or Dutch Guiana is a country in South America and is a former Dutch colony. The country is bordered by French Guiana to the east and Guyana to the west while the south is bordered by Brazil and in the north by the Atlantic Ocean. There is a population of 75,000 Javanese in Suriname, according to the history of Java and brought there from the Dutch East Indies between years 1890-1939.

Some Javanese brought to Singapore since 1825. They came from Central Java, and they are employed as laborers in rubber plantations, railroad and highway construction. Kampong Java, on the banks of the river Rochor, is where the first settlement of the Javanese in Singapore in addition to Kampong Java, Kallang Airport Estate is known as a place of settlement of Java as well. In Kallang, they coexist with the Malays and Chinese.

Java Modern Costums
Generally, the Javanese already are citizens of Malaysia. Their ancestors came about in 1900 because of economic pressures. Java community in Malaysia today including third and fourth generation. Although still use most of the customs and culture of Java, they are already considered indigenous Malays constituted under the laws of Malaysia.

Which most live in the State of Selangor, especially in the area of Tanjung Karang, Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Klang, Banting and Sepang. They still perpetuate some elements of Java, though not total. In Johor too much, but the young ones have forgotten his ancestral heritage. Even some who feel embarrassed to admit come from Java because they are no longer allowed and are not familiar anymore with Javanese language to speak well with upload-ungguh and manners. Although there are perpetuate his identity with the Union of Children realizing Java. Arts activities and reog braid horses, although not as smooth as in Java.

When the Dutch colonized Indonesia dutch send the Javanese as a slave to the Netherlands. What is unique in the case of the Java language is the interest of foreigners to the Java language or literature. Netherlands as a former colonial country Java turned out to be shed from the person or expert who has a special interest in the existence of the Java language.

Universiteit Leiden, the oldest university in the Netherlands, founded in 1575 is one of the central science of Javanese civilization. At university, founded Prince Willem van Oranje, where about 17 thousand students gain knowledge, we can see the ancient texts lettered Java or Java contemporary literature preserved.

New Caledonia
New Caledonia (French: Nouvelle-Cal├ędonie) is a French-owned land across the sea located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Also named Kanaki the natives of the islands name. The island nation has mastered French Polynesia French besides. This status applies to 1998. Its name comes from the Latin Scotland which has the city in Noumea.

The area is inhabited by some tribes that used the Java Java in New Caledonia became indentured or seek a better life in a foreign country. Migration of Javanese in Caledonia is also the same as the Javanese in Suriname but move the Javanese in the Pacific has been stalled since 1949. The population of New Caledonia was recorded on September 1, 2006, namely: 237 765 inhabitants. The Javanese in New Caledonia continue to use the Java language as the language of everyday life, but now young children could no Java language, could only speak French only.

Even the Internet giant Google, has included in the Java language and the search engine Google translation.


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