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Jowo Tribe Around The World

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Jokowi as Wong Jowo in Traditional Javanese Costume
Jowo Tribe Around The World,- Javanese often called jowo in Javanese speech language; this spoken based on the javanese language adab structure then it is called Wong Jowo. There are two way of structure to mention javanese man such : (1) Ngoko structure of Java language, here called Wong Jowo, (2) the next level structure of Javanese Language called  Krama Language which they call Javanese as Tiang Jawi. Both way of Javanese metioning is used in Javanese language as a lingua franca. It is used to communicate by Javanese or Wong Jowo for long time untill today used regularly. Javanese Tribe is the largest tribe in Indonesia, starting from the island of Java like Central Java, East Java, and Yogyakarta which cover at least 42% of Indonesia's population.

Besides live in three provinces of Java Island of Wong Jowo domicile in some area of Indonesaia. Many Java tribe settled in Lampung Province, Banten Province, Jakarta, and North Sumatra and in almost all provinces in Indonesia. Numb of Wong Jowo population is placed from west side of West Java until the edge of east Java. In the west side of Java Island Wong Jowo can be found in Indramayu, Cirebon and at the east side of Java Island Wong Jowo can be found in Blambangan, West Java.

It has been recognized that Wong Jowo are an easy rate adaptation wherever they live. Some provinces of Indonesia settled by Wong Jowo even in Suriname, South America. Some Javanese or Wong Jowo live at that place as Paramaribo citizen. One reason for Wong Jowo are able to live in Suriname is based on Dutch colonizing some years ago.

The migration to other country to besides to Suniname is to Singapore at 1825 Javanese tribe as labour from Central Java. The Javanese workers are placed at plantation, railway, and road construction. Village of Wong Jowo is along of Rochor river. Today Wong Jowo in Singapore is in Kallang Airport Estate as Javanes Village or Kampong Jawa, they live with Malay and China.

The next history of Wong Jowo migration to other place in this world is to Malaysia; at the first of 1900, some group of Wong Jowo migrate to Malaysia for the economic reason. Although today they becomes the Malay citizen. Wong Jowo in Malaysia still hold Javanese Culture although not for all. Some of them live in Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Kelang, Banting and Sepan. The farther of Wong Jowo migration was in Caledonea at 1949 the reason of them is the same as Dutch colonize. Today population of Wong Jowo in Caledonia was recorded  237 765 on September1, 2006.


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