Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Javaanse Cultuur Ceremonie Voor de Gezondheid Check-Ups Met Een Verhoogde Moeder en Kind

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Een uniek in de Javaanse cultuur wordt begrepen door de moeder de gezondheid onderhoud ceremonie Javaanse cultuur ceremonie Gezondheidscheck met een verhoogde moeder en kind in de Javaanse cultuur.

Javanese culture ceremony for health check-ups with increased maternal and child in Javanese culture.

telonan event is an event for safety in pregnant mother's first child who performed during pregnancy the mother reaches the age of 3 months. Salvation event is referred to as a request to God for the safety of mother and baby. In this event, usually serve grilled buceng or takhir (container of banana leaves) consists of 3 pieces, filled with rice and side dishes punar. In attendance at this event is a neighbor and also relatives.
Telonan This is a symbol that the child at birth by the mother reportedly told the people around the home and community.

Tingkepan event is an event of salvation for the pregnant mother's first child who carried on the mother during pregnancy by age 6 months. This event usually starts after Isha prayer (for Muslims) to completion. This event is a form of hope and request that the baby is born smoothly, without a hitch given gestational age were closer to birth. Dish as a thanksgiving to God, which is provided in the same Tingkepan ceremony which is provided during the event telonan, but added with Rujak fruits, served as well as possible so that rujak wil symbolize nice thing of the baby, meaningful child born in the family fun.

Events procotan the salvation event was last held in the ninth month. It was carried out by making porridge be born, namely rice porridge cooked with sweet coconut milk, half-baked and given kepok banana skin that was removed intact. Once cooked slurry is placed in takir (container of banana leaves). In the event there is a food which usually coffè, grilled or ingkung (complete spiced braised chicken) and bananas.
Purpose salvation porridge that the baby be born is born with ease (or in the Java language called mrocot). Moreover, salvation in the last month of pregnancy is also intended to honor brothers unborn baby, namely water crater (amniotic) and placenta (afterbirth or placenta), which according to Javanese belief is a friend of the baby.