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History of Wong Jowo in Java Island

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King of Java Island Ilustration
History of Wong Jowo in Java Island,- Explore Java Island where Wong Jowo lives is a large area of tribe history in Indonesia. The investigation is began from Jawa Dwipa as another name of Java Island in Indonesia. Along time before-century of Indonesia today; the name was Nusantara while for Javanese People or Wong Jowo, it is called Jawa Dwipa or Sweta Dwipa. Both name explains the old archipelago in South Asia and South East Asia named Jawata. Those perspectives above is based on the Ancient Javanese history that harmony with the geographic perspective of Asia Continents Shaped. It is begun by the movement of India Sub-Continent to the north until it is crashed and Himalaya Mountain Range appear.

Tale Story Jawa Dwipa as the first of Java Island is correlated to the first Wong Jowo civilisation that narrate King Aji Saka, A King from Bumi Majeta Imaginary world. Although some stories told about that king was from Bawean Island that historical island only with no fact. The other legend explained that Aji Saka was from Central Java. This legend of Aji Saka is too complex to explore because another story about it told that Aji Saka is a Shaka or Scythia tribe in India came to Jawa Dwipa for dharma Buddha missionary. Aji Saka today becomes the only history for Wong Jowo in Java Island with no site provide the evidence of Aji Saka, although some Kejawen followers believe it.

The next legend of Wong Jowo is started before century of Nusantara as the name of Java Island came from the first of Buddha-Hindu Empire, Tarumanegara in West Java moved to Central Java live side by side with Central Java Empire Kaling or Kalligga. Tarumanagara or Taruma once powerful kingdom in the western region of the island of Java in the 4th century until the 7th century AD Tarumanagara is one of the oldest kingdoms in the archipelago in the history of the archipelago. In the history and legacy of royal artifacts, it appears that at that time the kingdom of Taruma is homage Vishnu Hindu kingdom. The next, Kalinga is known to exist in the 6th century kingdom in the north coast of Central Java, Indonesia. It was the beginning of the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in Central Java, and together with the Kutai and Tarumanagara is the oldest kingdom in the history of Indonesia.

There are some perspectives of Java island history began from the first Jawa Dwipa or Sweta Dwipa, based on the local Indonesia ancient history. The others history of Java Island have been influenced oher culture or religion that come to Java Island like Hindu-Buddha and Muslim.  The recent tale story about Java Island that focuses on Javanese or Wong Jowo is based on Javanese Ancient Main Book Literature  which called Babad explained that Javanese legend is based on Mataram Empire as the main Wong Jowo civilisation.

The unique distinct of Javanese legend is on the Prophet Adam and the other prophet written as great-grand parent of Javanese Emperor. It is stated on the Javanese  Ancient Main Book Literature that King of Pajajaran, West Java Empire get first position in Javanese family tree correlation with Adam and the other Prophet, then it is followed Majapahit Empire, Demak, Pajang and Mataram. Those all about Javanese Island legends that perform new question of why there is so many perspective of Wong Jowo legend where it is needed deeper analysis and exploration. 


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