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Having Beautiful Charming in Karang Bolong Central Java

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Having Beautiful Charming in Karang Bolong Central Java,- It is about 40 kilometers from the town of Kebumen one of the regency in Central Java but when it is 120 kilometers started from Adisucipto Airport Yogyakarta. After Kebument district near Karang Bolong there will be found a lot of swallow birds community flying around the beach. These birds nest in those caves around the beach has become an exclusive tourism area.

The name of Karang Bolong taken from Javanese language Karang means rock and Bolong is hole. Based on archeology theory this may have been some frozen lava, formed during the eruption of Mount Krakatau. Big wave hit the wall of the hill generate enough energy to erode, and the precipitate back pieces of stone. High levels high enough weathering abrasion process where the lava breccia outcrop is located on the beach eroded later that created the unique abrasion. The Rock looks as a gate face the sea which looked as a drawn  picture accomplishes by a small forest, which has been converted into a recreation spot. Besides that a river flowing down to the sea where people can have a bath of fresh water from the natural after swimming in the salty sea.

The coastal areas are also include Karang Bolong Cave which is located at the east side complete a long hallway that is formed on the layer of lava breccia. Cave length is 30 meters and width 10 meters and height of about 5 meters. Formation breccias known as Gabon Oligo-Miocene is old or between 30-15 million years ago, revealed together with the insertion sandstone and clay.

Cave formation is influenced by the razing Karang Bolong that occurred along the boundary between the areas of breccia with pasri stone or clay stone. The hole will be even greater because the razing of rock layers that hang from the ceiling hole always collapsed under the weight. The process was also triggered by a burly-burly that is, the presence weakens the connective power between components rocks. The process of cave formation was observed in both the eastern and the southern tip of Goa Karang Bolong, where the small-scale razing of rocks occur along the boundaries of different layers.

It is an alternative tourism place of Kebumen regency majored Petanahan, then select the path to the beach Suwuk transportation, and from Suwuk can proceed easily because the location of the two beaches are very close together and only separated by a river estuary.

The beach  having beautiful charming scenery, is also synonymous with swiftlet. It is not very extensive compared to other beaches. Adjacent to the east coast there is upstream of a river that is usually used local people to find fish. Karang Bolong beach adjacent to the beach Suwuk very interesting because of the waves hitting the rocks and swaying coconut trees which in turn make the liver was cool.

The visitor in Karang Bolong beach will usually be at the same time visit some other places such as, Beach Logending, Jatijajar Cave, and Petruk Cave. The location in one place at the same region. the visitors will be back impressed with the natural ambience of a beautiful stretch of beach from the sea and the mountains. At that place can be seen the expanse of the sea from a point on the hill and provided some food and drink stalls merchants so that will make the trip more memorable. Continue the way Visiting Dieng Plateau 100 km from Borodur


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