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East Java Work Art

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East Java Work Art,-East Java Province as the part of Java Island has a lot of unique culture and customs of Java such Reog, Ludruk, and Ketoprak  the main art symbol.

Performance of Reog Ponorogo
Reog is one of the artistic culture that originated from East Java. Discus about Reog, it can be avoided Ponorogo regarded as actual hometown Reog. Then the city gates decorated by figure Warok and Gemblak, two figures who have appeared at the time Reog displayed.

Reog, especially in Ponorogo is one of the local culture which very strong with mysticism. Reog Ponorogo art consists of 2 to 3 dancer in the opening. The first dance as opening is usually performed by 6-8 brave men with black clothes painted red face which the dancers describes the figure the brave lion. Next performance of  Reog dance is performed by 6-8 girls who ride a Jaran Kepang as a symbol horse. After the opening dance finished, the the main contents of Reog displayed. This performance depend to the aim of performance, if dealing with marriage celebaration, so the scene of performance will display love scene.

The last scene of Reog is Singo Barong; a dancer wearing a mask-shaped big head of a lion with a crown made of peacock feathers. In traditional of ancient Reog, some dancers are usually played by male dancers dressed women but today not anymore; Reog is supported by female player.

Ludruk Player
One unique art of East Java old fashion art is Ludruk drama which the the performance traditonal strory of Java. It is performed by a group of art on a stage to display of people's everyday lives, stories about human struggle, and interspersed with jokes. This drama is accomplished by Gamelan as a musical insrument. Generally at the opening of drama started by dancing named Tari Remo and Parikan. Currently traditional Ludruk groups can be found in the area of Surabaya, Mojokerto, and Jombang in East Java; despite the presence increasingly defeated by modernisation; played by male, but for today female is included.

Modern Ketoprak Performance
Ketoprak is a kind of performing arts originating from Java Island, popular in Central Java, Yogyakarta to East Java. In a staging Ketoprak, a drama interspersed with traditional songs of Java, which is accompanied by Gamelan (Javanese music instrument) presented. There are a variety of themes in a show Ketoprak stories taht usually taken from legend or history of Java. One unique of Ketoprak is never take the epic story (epic): Ramayana and Mahabharata. Because if it is done in. It is not Ketoprak but become the the other Javanese drama named Wayang Wong.


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