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Courtesy Structure of Javanese Language

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Courtesy Structure of Javanese Language,- Javanese language is a language of Javanese ethnic in Indonesia especially in central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java and some place at the other islands of Indonesia. Beside that those places in Java island that is used Javanese language; it is also used in Banten (especially Serang, Cilegon, and Tangerang) and West Java (especially the northern coastal region of Java island which includes Karawang, some places in Subang, Cirebon and Indramayu.

Mbah Maridjan as Merapi Mount Fortune Teller use to be used Kromo Language
Javanese language used by Wong Jowo in Indonesia as one of language used. It has a unique structure because the using for communication is based on the courtesy using; coarse and fine language of speaking. Coarse language or Boso Ngonko is common language that is used in daily communication for similar age. While fine language or Basa Krama or Boso Kromo in speech means the structure of the using has a different application based on the age of user. Basa Krama or Boso Kromo used for the younger talks to the older or some one respected. Basa Krama or Boso Kromo is devided into Kromo Madyo (midle courtesy) and Kromo Inggil (high courtesy). Kromo Madyo (midle courtesy) of Javanese language is a polite language that commonly used to respect any body else based on the age and human feat and work position. While Kromo Inggil (high courtesy) is the most polite language used to respect the other.

Javanese language used by the majority of the population of the island of Java. Java language has a wide variety of dialects appropriate with their respective areas. However, standard Java language is the language used in Surakarta and Yogyakarta. It is closely related to the historical fact that the empire of Java island century of Java 16-19 kingdoms is centered in the area.


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