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Candidate Suriname President Raymond Sapoen Javanese descent (Wong Jowo) From Banyumas

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Raymond Sapoen Javanese descent (Wong Jowo) From Banyumas

Candidate Suriname President Raymond Sapoen Javanese descent (Wong Jowo) From Banyumas ,-Suriname, Latin of America hold a new presidential election which president Desi Bouterse who served Suriname period will end his five years term in 2015 .The draw of party's President election is the appearance of the citizen Suriname Banyumas Javanese descent that will participate the fifth annual celebration of democracy. Raymond Sapoen, Minister of Trade and Industry Suriname currently rumored for presidential candidate for the period 2015 - 2010. Raymond Sapoen who was born October 25 , 1967 this include people from Javanese descent active in politics in Suriname.

Javanesse descent in Suriname is covered 15 - 20 percent from the population , but this condition doesn't mean resident of Javanese descent has several politics power in political parties. Some parties are expected supporting in cluding KTPI (Harmony Tulada Pranatan Inggil), Sublime Pertjajah Party ,and Party Pendawa Lima. Besides there are four people in the cabinet javanesse descent who currently serve as Minister, The minister of Interior Soewarto Moestadja , Minister of Labour Michael Miskin, Hendrik Soetrowidjojo Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Trade - Industry Raymond Sapoen which is rumoured to be Candidate president of Suriname.

Long way story of Sapoen generation arrived in Suriname opened by his grandfather sent the Netherlands to Suriname in 1928 as contrack worker from Dutch East Indies the old name of Indonesia in colonized period. Old family of Raymond was from Kanding Village, District Somagede, Banyumas, Central Java.

Sapoen and five other candidates will compete with incumbent President Desi Bouterse who controlled the majority of parliament. In his speech in front of his supporters, who have ancestral origins Sapoen Banyumas, Central Java, admits not afraid to compete.

"Are you all ready to take power on 26 May?" Sapoen said.
"I feel honored to receive this trust. We may have lost in the past, but we proved to be united until now," he added.

Sapoen is one of influential politician of country north coast region of South America. He began his career as a lawyer, then joined the National Democratic Party (NDP) who later joined the Party politician Paul Somohardjo to Pendawa Lima. Pendawa Party of Five targeting majority voice of Javanese descent. However, it later became leaders of the coalition Sapoen Java party Pertjajah Luhur also.

Departing from the political way, Sapoen made it into the government of President Jules Wijdenbosch. Originally he was appointed as legal advisor Suriname Development Planning Department in 1996. After that in 1999, Sapoen asked to become Deputy Minister of Education. Until finally in 2000, Sapoen became Minister of Education.

Currently approximately Suriname Javanese descent population of 500 thousand inhabitants. While the names of the successful pioneer of politics is a mentor Sapoen, namely Paul Somohardjo. Paul became the only descendants of Javanese who managed to become the Speaker of Parliament.


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